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July 25, 2022

Many every day habits or environmental toxins right in your kitchen can have a cumulative, negative effect on your health.

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These are lifestyle changes. Not a diet. Not a pill. But the recipe to longevity.

So what I mean by detoxifying your kitchen, I don’t mean literally cleaning, but rather leveling up your kitchen goods for optimal health. 

These are tips I wish I knew in my younger days because many of these toxins or toxic habits are cumulative over a lifetime. But hey, now I know and want to pass these gems on to you!

Get rid of non-stick pans 

Specifically, teflon. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are chemicals found in Teflon cookware known to be possible cancer causing agents and they can be ingested and even inhaled when cooking. I know, I am sorry. For those of you non-chefs like me, I feel your pain because when I first learned this, all I could think of is that all my food will now burn or stick to the bottom of pans! I am happy to say that once you get over the learning curve, I am confident that the food I eat hasn’t been tainted by “non-stick” chemicals. There are some great alternatives though that I have fallen in love with such as cast iron skillets and stainless steel. Here is one of my favs A good ole cast iron skillet.

Ditch the plasticware

A big problem is potentially leaking microplastics in your food especially when you are reheating in the microwave. Let’s be real, even though it is better to warm up your food on the stovetop, the microwave is a lifesaver. But you are definitely messing up your food’s health potential if you are warming your food up in plastic to-go containers. Never do that again and invest in some hearty glass containers like these: Glass Food Storage Containers.

Use non-toxic kitchen cleaning products 

There are tons of make your own recipes as cleansing products out there. But if you are like me, I buy it.

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner

Never buy plastic water bottles. 

Again, think microplastics that can leak into your water especially during transport, when your water bottles may be exposed to extreme temperatures. Do your body and the environment and get either a glass water bottle or stainless steel one. These are some of my fav: Klean Kanteen or Sursip Glass Water Bottle

Get a water filter. 

At least get the basic carbon water filter. This is one aspect of your life, you don’t want to be drinking straight from the tap. And if you don’t believe me, checkout the Environmental Working Group’s water testing. Just put your zip code in and learn more about how to effectively get cleaner drinking water at home. Brita Water Large Water Pitcher

I hope you enjoy this list and get to detoxing that kitchen! To continue to learn more, be sure to subscribe to my email list. And any questions, you can email me at hello@leybelismd.com.

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